Who we are.

design, delivery, consultancy & maintenance

At I.O. Systems, we are specialists in design, delivery, consultancy and maintenance services for automated materials handling systems. Our expertise spans right across industry from electronics, medtech, postal and pharmaceutical to food and beverages, manufacturing, logistics and airports.

From goods received to dispatch, we understand what you put your products and materials through. Moving, sorting, picking, placing, packing, cartoning, palletising, storing and retrieving are what we’re about.   

For us, great design is about seamlessly summing the parts. We marry the best hardware available in the marketplace today with our own in-house software and systems’ manufacturing capability to deliver a complete and bespoke solution that works flawlessly for your business.

Our proven materials handling experience includes delivering 

  • Sterile solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries
  • Cleanroom-compatible solutions for the electronics sector  
  • High-hygiene and very low-temperature specification systems for the food, beverage and frozen goods industries
  • Space-saving solutions in constrained floor areas
  • Modular systems for maximum flexibility
  • Minimal handling systems for fragile, sensitive and high-value products 
  • Advanced, ultra-responsive, automated solutions for the demands of logistics and distribution centres
  • Security clearance and baggage handling systems for airports
  • Design, simulation and lean consultancy projects
  • Maintenance strategies, implementation and outsourcing