We deliver the right solution.

Maximise lifetime, minimise downtime



In any efficient materials handling operation, intelligent design and appropriate equipment selection are only one half of the equation. Maintenance is the other vital component in keeping everything operating to optimum specifications.

At I.O. Systems, we deliver a range of maintenance solutions designed to ensure that your materials handling equipment runs smoothly, while you get the best value from your human resources; maximise equipment lifetime, availability and efficiency; and minimise unscheduled downtime, energy consumption and parts holding levels.

Maintenance consultancy: I.O. Systems can perform an audit of your maintenance protocols and your maintenance team, reporting our findings back to you or using them to develop a maintenance strategy aligned to your business objectives.

Maintenance services: Our maintenance contracts are tailored to suit your exact specifications. Large maintenance crews are available to provide corrective maintenance cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week, either on a call out basis or through outsourced maintenance. If required, hotline support by telephone is also available. Preventative maintenance tasks are performed according to agreed schedules, with accurate reporting. Outsourcing your maintenance function can enable you to consolidate your workforce, redeploy your maintenance team elsewhere in your business or expand your operation without the need to increase internal maintenance resources.

Partnered maintenance solutions: I.O. Systems can assume responsibility for the management, performance and remuneration of your internal maintenance team, delivering optimum performance for your business and enabling you to focus on your core objectives.