The FRIC TOUCH (FT) range of conveyors have a unique patented drive system that eradicates all of the common problems associated with conventionally driven belt conveyors.

The belt drive consists of a spring tensioned driven wheel system manufactured with a special formula material. The wheels are thus tensioned against the underside of the belt and provide a direct drive. This method of driving eradicates the need for tensioning and tracking which, increases belt life by an order of magnitude. It is not unusual to see standard belts lasting between 3-5 years.

Each belt is fitted with a centrally positioned true tracking guide that stops the belt from ever deviating.

The drive unit can be completely separated from the frame, making belt changing a very easy and quick task.

Unique Features: -

  • No sprocket or Chain
  • No driven Roller
  • No Tension/Tracking adjustment
  • Belt runs at virtually no tension plus natural stretch
  • Can run with belt width equal to frame width
  • Can run with belt width greater than frame width
  • Can create right angled transfers with no gap or dead plate
  • Drive and legs all within frame producing ultra slim conveyor
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The FRIC TOUCH TELESCOPIC (FTC) conveyor offers unique possibilities for conveying lines.

The manual version can be used as a personnel gateway or as a manual divert and the automatic version can be used as a reject point that is not limited by height of product.

The automatic version is also useful as a product divert where another conveyor is placed at right angles below the level of the FTT so that product either continues down the flow line or drops onto another track taking product to another destination.


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  The FRIC TOUCH BEND (FTB) is another revolutionary offering from I.O. Systems. By utilising the FT concepts we have produced a belt bend which has one of the smallest internal radii in the industry. The belt can be changed in minutes and is a standard belt with no complex stitching for bearings or runners which, reduces the cost of ownership of the conveyor by an order of magnitude over it's entire life.
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