The facts on Moving Smart™

A totally new concept from Moving AB for efficient materials handling in all sectors. The concept consists of MidiMove functional modules with the integrated control system, MasterMove™.

Control system
The MasterMove control system is based on a standardised code, which enables rapid commissioning and easy troubleshooting. Programming is done in a PC environment. The system includes a library of finished and tested program blocks. To create a customer-specific solution, the relevant control parameters and terms are established in this PC environment. The result is a Plug & Play solution that uses automatic control devices to create flow layout, documentation and MMI interface. All users, from operators to maintenance staff, have access to their specific environments and tools.

In the program library there is also a program block with associated control box for communication with the principal business system and different types of functional sensors such as photocells, scanners, scales and label applicators.

Functional modules
Moving has been involved for about 35 years in the continuous development of materials handling equipment. The new concept consists of functional modules in which the controls, mechanics and electricity are fully integrated. In its development work, Moving has focused on characteristics that are important for customers, such as high availability, the right capacity and low noise levels. The result is a new generation of MidiMove, which is unique in its class. MidiMove functional modules are designed for the handling of goods weighing up to 50 kg per unit (100 kg/m).

Customer benefits include:

  • High availability. A well-proven solution and standardised control system.
  • The right capacity. The solution is tested and tried out before delivery. Capacity can be simply modified.
  • Future-proofing. Functional modules contain both hardware and software in a single system solution. This enables easy upgrading and expansion.
  • Quiet, ergonomic operation. The solution contributes to a better working environment.
  • Lowest total cost. Short delivery time from idea to operation, easy maintenance and low cost of ownership all combine to provide the lowest total cost.
  • Plug & Play. Automatic control devices create flow layout, documentation and MMI interface.
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